Dreamfuel Games announces Infinity Skies

A new sandbox game experience in the works.

Dreamfuel Games announces Infinity Skies

We from Dreamfuel Games, are happy to announce to the world that we are working on a new free-to-play game that will be available worldwide on launch — Infinity Skies.

The game’s blockchain side hosts an economy that will run on our SkyBlock currency, which enables you to purchase and sell NFTs from and to other players so that they can be used in-game.

What will the game be like?

Infinity Skies is a sandbox game where you build your own beautiful castle on an island in the sky. This castle will be built from the ground up solely using NFTs as the essential building blocks, this means that all structural components, furniture, decorations and such will be tradeable NFTs. The gameplay revolves heavily around our four core elements: Build, Adventure, Socialize and Trade.

Build the castle of your dreams!

When it comes to building in infinity skies, the sky's the limit, pun intended. You will be given complete creative freedom to build whatever your imagination conjures, as you will have thousands of NFTs to obtain and build with, creating infinite possibilities.

Early development prototype

Embark on epic adventures to obtain rarest NFTs!

Adventures are difficult but ultimately very rewarding challenges to overcome for any player. These adventures are games on their own that build on the rogue-lite genre’s core concepts of difficulty and rewards. Since these adventures will be games in and of themselves, we will have one adventure available at launch so that we have enough time to make it not feel like a minigame of sorts. After launch more will follow!

Socialize and reap the rewards of your building skills!

Your castle can be visited by other players through the castle lobby at all times unless you have your castle set to private. When you receive visitors they can walk around your castle and interact with you, other visitors and the various amenities that you’ve placed down for them to enjoy. Upon leaving, visitors can give your castle a prestige point if they enjoyed their stay.

The prestige system is central to Infinity Skies because the most lucrative NFT reward system is tied to it. Based upon prestige points the top castles will receive incredibly rare rewards at the end of each month, after which the points, and thus the playing field, are reset. Since this reward system is so important we made sure to create enough incentives for everyone to utilize it. The prime example of this is feasts: burnable and stackable NFTs that boost the visibility of your castle in the lobby. Feasts aren’t just beneficial for the host’s prestige accumulation however, visitors of feasts are rewarded as well!

Trade on a dynamic economy driven marketplace!

If you’re reading this article then chances are you are familiar with trading in the crypto-space and possibly even NFTs, if this is the case then you’ll feel right at home trading Infinity Skies NFTs for a profit, or maybe you just want to use them in-game to take a shot at the social rewards.

If you’re not familiar with crypto-trading however, fret not! Since Infinity Skies is catered towards both traders and gamers, we will make sure that the entire crypto ecosystem is easily accessible for beginner traders or people that would like to get into it, keeping the learning curve as low as possible is our top priority.

NFTs: the rarer the better!

The NFTs of Infinity Skies are divided into many different rarities that are either relatively difficult or easy to obtain. From highest to lowest these rarities are: Royal, Astral, Divine, Legendary, Epic, Rare, Uncommon and Common. Our early-bird investor sale will be launching soon, where we will be selling a limited amount of 10 different variants of exclusive Astral-rarity NFTs to our early-bird investors and players, make sure to follow us on all channels linked below to stay updated on when this sale goes live!

In the meantime here is a sneak-peak of two of the 10 Astral NFTs.

Statue of Senon, prototype version

Statue of Guinoth, prototype version

What’s next?

In the following weeks we will continue to reveal more details about our game and all the aspects that come with it. Expect to see our website go live, detailed concept paper about the game, our tokenomics, in-depth technical articles, demo and test features and upcoming sales.

Our Social Media channels are now opening to welcome new community members and future Infinity Skies players, for any questions about Infinity Skies or to stay up-to-date on our developments we recommend to stay in touch through either one of these channels below!


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