Build a beautiful castle on your very own Island in the Skies. 50,000 skyplots are up for grabs and you do not want to miss out! Become King of the Skies and earn NFTs off your land, host feasts and have others enjoy what you have created, or lease it and allow others to earn rewards for you.

The opportunities are endless.


Skyplots are unique 721 NFTs with unique coordinates for each rarity. Owning a Skyplot gives you many benefits:

First, it allows you to be found more easily by visitors that are browsing through the world map, giving you a big leg-up for one of the most lucrative earning possibilities in Infinity Skies: accumulating prestige (votes) for the leaderboard.

Furthermore, owning a plot allows you to participate in localized landowner-only leaderboard competitions where you face off against other land-owners in the same sky region for governorship, yielding you for even more rewards.

Another huge benefit of owning a skyplot is the possibility to lease it out to other players whilst still benefiting from the prestige earned by the plot.


The world map consists of 4 rings of 4 different rarities, Astral, Divine, Legendary and Epic.

The Sky-plot NFTs are positions on the world map that players can own. It will benefit those whose plot can be easily found by others, where the higher rarities are more inner rings on the world map. The higher the rarity the more you will stand out.


Skyplots Deeds will primarily be obtainable by purchasing Skyplot Mystery Boxes. These Deeds can be burned off to mint real, usable in-game Skyplots on our website. Our website will host the Skyplot map Dapp, this map allows you to claim plot positions that are still unclaimed or bid using ISKY on plots already owned by others. The quicker you are to claim the more likely it is that you’ll redeem the deed for a position in the ring that you like, but since there are exactly as many deeds as there are positions you’ll always be able to claim at least some position.


The Skyplot Mystery Boxes contain one Skyplot Deed of a random rarity: Astral, Divine, Legendary and Epic.

The probabilities of what a GOLD box can contain are: 1% Astral, 3.33% Divine, 33.33% Legendary and 62.33% Epic.

The probabilities of what a BLACK box can contain are: 0% Astral, 1% Divine, 16% Legendary and 83% Epic.