Players have a wide range of options when deciding how to control the social aspect of their castle. Heare are some of the key points.

Gameplay & Socializing

In Infnity Skies their are many ways to socialize with your friends including, play and earn together.

Ranking rewards

At the end of each month, all the castle rankings are logged after which all prestige points, and subsequently rankings are reset. Based of the end-of-the-month log rewards are distributed to the top ranking castle owners.

Kingship Status

Each of the top-3 ranked players of the last month will be crowned king for the entire duration of the coming month. This kingship status grants each king a 0.33% tax (1% for all kings combined) on NFT trades made during their kingship month; delivered to their wallet in the form of Skyblocks.

Social Rewards

Three crown NFTs will be made each month and the top ranked king will get to choose his crown first, along with the second, then the third. The max supply of the crowns will always be 1, and will contain a tag that shows which month they are from and which rank that specific king was that month. Providing a sense of history to the games lore.