The Bookkeeper’s lore
chapter 1

Senon & Guinoth

The Bookkeeper’s lore chapter 1: Senon & Guinoth

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His presence alone brings about this essence. Calmness. Hope. Better known as “The Guardian" for his spontaneous arrivals, he once appeared before my very eyes. The world stood still; the light blinded everything with the blessings of sight. One of us, he has claimed. But in the same moment he came, he vanished, only to leave us with the thoughts we are all afraid to face. Vanished, once again, to continue his never-ending plight to defeat Dormon.” — The Bookkeeper

Born in the Era of Warring States by the Gods Terrath and Mara, Senon is a winged God. Senon gained notoriety for his aid in a bloody battle to maintain peace during “The Battle of Unity’’. Led by Dormon, a legion of soldiers fought to upend the current state of the universe. Defeated by Senon, Dormon seeks revenge for his battle scars. This has provided ignition to set ablaze one of the biggest rivalries in the Pantheon. Senon appears to Men to assist them when they are in need. There does not seem to be a particular rhyme or reason in regards to his spontaneous arrivals, other than the entity is loyal to those who maintain the order. “Let it be known that you will forever be known as “The Guardian’’, said Terrath. “Your bravery, loyalty, and selflessness have shown your commitment to The Order.” After “The Battle of Unity’’, Senon made it his priority to maintain symbolisation as a peacekeeping God who provides protection for whom he deems worthy, at any cost. His brother and sister, Heris and Amora support Senon. But Amora feels a sense of slight resentment at the favouritism generated by his noble deeds. His mysterious and arbitrary passing leave more questions than answers. We are left desiring to learn more about his history, his personality and his deity.

Never before had one been as calculated, shrewd, and resourceful as the giant whom would later be attached to infamy for eons as “The Traitor”. Thwarted were the plans to eliminate someone he once considered kin, brewed by the longing taste for power and control. A once loyal and noble companion to Terrath, he grew sour by the long shadow cast upon him by the former, gradually succumbing to the whispers of chaos. Those who have been fortunate enough to survive his infernal presence tell of an appearance so dark and treacherous that some of the strongest men in the west immediately bowed their heads in allegiance to his ideologies, no matter how sinister and twisted. A true bringer of chaos.” — The Bookkeeper

Guinoth, formerly Noth, better known amongst the AnvilMen as ‘The Traitor’, was a giant born of the Ashes of Artha in the Era of Life & Death.

When Terron, now named Terrath, returned from his long journey to the northern wastelands no longer a giant but a tiny man, Noth, always one to favor intellect over force, was the first amongst the other giants to accept Artha’s blessing through Terron, making Noth be the second human in The Anvil’s recorded history. More conversions followed soon after, but hostilities between the giants and newly converted humans became too much to bear, Terron and Noth were forced to venture south. There they discovered a new continent upon which they founded “Twinriver’’ the first settlement among many, populating what would later be known as The Anvil region.

Thanks to Terrons abilities and leadership the city prospered and soon drove them to the upper echelon of society. But with success comes jealousy, at times in places most unexpected.

‘The Desertion of Noth’

Many years passed, in which Noth lived in the shadow cast by Terron’s achievements. But the shadows were innate to Noth and from the shadows he struck. A plot was formed; an attempt was made to take Terron’s life. With his betrayal he would leave his brethren for dead at the hands of his own hired knives, so Noth could usher in a new era of his own relentless reign. It would not play out as planned however, as Terrath was quick to act upon his suspicions, escaping unharmed, but not without later capturing and trying his friend for treason.

Noth was subjected to trial and sentenced to death. His treasonous plot was unimaginable, especially for Terron, who seemed to lose a part of himself after incurring the loss of Noth, his closest companion, a part of his soul.

It was this moment, that is widely regarded as Terron’s greatest shortcoming during his life as a mortal, for in a moment of compassion he ruled mercy for his old friend and banished Noth from The Anvil, a decision Terrath would regret for millennia to come. Noth gathered his family and followers and set sail to the west, retreating to the then lush and green Weeping Lands, never again would these lands be as lush as before his arrival. Deified upon his death by Artha’s chaotic counterpart Karna, Noth became Guinoth and now appears to those who are unlucky enough to witness the physical depictions of such a dark mind as a Demon, one who will not stop at thwarting his nemesis Terrath and shifting the balance of “The Order’’, at all costs.

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