The Bookkeeper’s lore
chapter 2

Terrath’s Throne & Maelsar’s Skyblade

The Bookkeeper’s lore chapter 2: Terrath’s Throne & Maelsar’s Skyblade

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Terraths Throne:

When “The Pilgrim” sits upon his pedestal, his voice ripples the very fabric of space in which anything it encounters occupies. His subsequent death and reincarnation blessed the Throne with an aura that can be felt the moment it comes within your gaze. Its handrails, made of Anvils forged from rocks mined deep within the Silvercrown Mountains, are dedicated to the land it overlooks, with a gold-plated backrest that is said to connect the one who retains its rights with the Astral entities of legend. The Throne must accept the one who wishes to call it theirs, as many have tried to take it with little resolve.” -The Bookkeeper

The Throne, located in “The Anvil”, was strategically placed by Terrath. The Temple of the Phoenix, where it rests, was of significant importance when Terrath rose to the immortal realm. When Terrath perished in his human form while perched on the throne, his spirit rose after binding with the spirit of Artha. Terrath was given part of Arthas spirit in exchange for strength, which the lack-there-of would ultimately lead to his demise. During Terrachs time as a mortal, he gave birth to his children, who would become Archons, each ruling one of the four dynasties of “The Anvil”. Ruling over the four territories of “The Anvil”, each yearns to claim The Throne, which grants its owner the position of “Terrach”. “The Terrach” is appointed as the ruler of the mortal realm while Terrath leads the immortal realm in all his glory.

Maelsar’s Skyblade:

“The blade of Maelsar is made of an unknown element infused with the ripping lightning strikes that first caressed the mortal realm. It boasts a bright, electrifying blue hue, with lightning weeping from its tip and base. Those who have interacted with Maelsar claim the physical representation of the blade projects his pride, passion, and his tendency to favor chaos.” The Bookkeeper

The sword of Maelsar was one of his most trusted tools and weapons. Unbreakable with streaks of lightning charging through anything it touches, it is said to rest hidden and bound in chastity to the rocks of The Weeping Lands where it penetrated when it fell from the Sky Realm. Knocked from the grip of Maelsar by the hammer of Thungar during his rebellion, no mortal or God has been able to remove the sword from the stone it has called home.

The subsequent rivalry between Maelsar and his brother Thungar would affect the mortal world forever. The amount of pride and accomplishments Maelsar had was too much for Thungar to try and replicate, thus he decided to try and take the glory Maelsar received for his own.

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