The Bookkeeper’s lore
chapter 3

Mara’s Fountain and The Urn of Artha’s Ashes

The Bookkeeper’s lore chapter 3: Mara’s Fountain and The Urn of Artha’s Ashes

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Mara's Fountain

“Few things that have ever existed have graced us the way Mara’s Fountain has. It’s distinguished finish and structure leaves the viewer in awe, drawing them close enough to examine and admire its most miniscule details. It’s flowing waters have a soft, warm feel at all times, regardless of surrounding weather conditions. Gliding down its path, the sound of the water hitting the carefully crafted Fountain is so soothing, it’s vibrations can be mistaken for Mara’s whispers. Its waters glow faintly, almost as if charged by the energy of the Order, which Mara protects and ensures at whatever cost required. The first born of the alignment of the Order, she takes the timing of her birth as an omniscient reminder of her meaning and existence.” -The Bookkeeper

Signaling the beginning of the end of the Era of Chaos, Mara is the illegitimate daughter of Artha and Naru. Hidden in the dark, decrepit depths of the oceans of the mortal realm, Mara was a well kept secret to protect her from Valos’ rage. A secret kept as to withstand the withering whispers of Valos’ wind. Mara is loyal to the Order and does what is necessary to maintain it. This task of epic proportions is the inspiration behind Mara’s Fountain, as its brittle but sturdy structure and flowing waters require constant care and attention to maintain proper balance.

The Urn of Artha’s Ashes

““The almighty one, Artha, lies in stasis in the form of pale, brittle, ashes. Ashes they may be, but astoundingly the particles that are encased by this indestructible urn created one of the most precious and mysterious concepts in the universe; Life and Consciousness. A subsequent result of Artha’s plights, Karna, birthed of the chaotic Inferno that enveloped the statue Artha hid herself in, is such a mesmerizing entity that those who encounter and feel its energy are sometimes left feeling uncontrollable rage. To counter this rage, the spirit of Artha arises in all of those who need her guidance and light.” The Bookkeeper

The Urn of Artha’s Ashes is a mystical item with a fierce force surrounding it that can be felt physically as you approach the essence that draws you. During “The Rift of Rage '' the Artha of Old was split. Artha’s Ashes were carried across the mortal realm after the massive statue in which she decided to hide was burnt to seemingly nothing. Along with providing the conditions for the beginning of a new age, the beginning Era of Life and Death would mark the start of one of the most intriguing timelines in Infinity Skies. As a new Era began to take shape, the “the Ashes of Artha, encased and carefully escorted across the mortal realm in an urn resembling a tall, aged, and intertwined oak, with mystical leaves swimming in the aura that surrounds it, had but the most special of uses. Its essence successfully created what’s known as “The Collective Forces of Life”.

The subsequent rivalry between Maelsar and his brother Thungar would affect the mortal world forever. The amount of pride and accomplishments Maelsar had was too much for Thungar to try and replicate, thus he decided to try and take the glory Maelsar received for his own.

  • Animus
  • Materis
  • Spiris
  • Indis
  • Mensis
  • Corpis

“The Collective Forces” were only made possible by the ability of “The Inferno”, or Valos, and his capability of driving Artha into 2 separate entities. This resulted in the subsequent creation of Karna, the purest form of Chaos that Artha could ever transform into.

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